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Saturday, July 15, 2019

Board Meeting and Grant Check from Heritage Oak Cliff

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Officers and Chair Persons

Lucy Livingston

Former President & Crimewatch

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Faye Williams

Programs and Events

Ann Herbage


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More to come.

Alex and his partner moved into the neighborhood from Oak Lawn in April 2018. He has worked with the board since December 2018, when he took on the role of Membership Chair.  His primary passion for OPENA is to get to know my neighbors, volunteer to keep OPE and Druid Hills safe, clean and welcoming
This neighborhood is special to him because it is quiet, beautiful and welcoming

Carl Hayes

Government Liaison

Serving the Oak Park Estates & Druid Hills Neighborhoods - Better Together!

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More to come.

More to come.

Jim Hauck

Web Site​ Manager & Communications Co-Chair

Brett Anderson

​Block Captains Chair

Mary Harrison

 Vice President 

Our Neighborhood History.  

While the history of Oak Park Estates indicates a neighborhood association, crime watch committee and garden club existed as far back as the early 1960's, the current Oak Park Estates Neighborhood Association was officially incorporated in January 2008, after establishing bylaws and electing Association officers. 

Oak Park Estates & Druid Hills

The Druid Hills Neighborhood, another hidden gem in Dallas consists of about 285 homes.  The Druid Hills and Oak Park Estates neighborhoods  are intertwined because in several cases one development ends and another begins on the same block. Druid Hills connects Oak Park Estates to Hampton Road. to the west and Ledbetter Drive to the South. Druid Hills neighbors are welcome to join in OPENA meetings and activities. The two neighborhoods represent approximately 875 homes. 

Architect David Klempin wrote some lovely articles on Druid Hills and Oak Park Estates back in 2002.  Click the links and take a moment to read them if you like.

Joe Lucas

​Communications Co-Chair

Cynthia White

​Community Planning & Development Chair

Judy has been a corporate and non-profit industry executive for many years.  After moving to Oak Cliff in 2009, she became involved in the community, serving as President of the Old Oak Cliff Conservation League (now Heritage Oak Cliff).  As part of her commitment to the community, she opened her home for the Oak Cliff Home Tour in 2016. Judy has been active in Civic Leadership positions as well as working in a number of different organizations. Her personal vision for OPENA is to help preserve the character of the neighborhood and to make it a safe, welcoming place to live.

More to come.

Richard Thomas


Jim moved into the neighborhood from California in February 2019. He joined the board after his first meeting in March 2019. Jim has a passion for making the neighborhood special and beautiful and for making sure his neighbors all look out for each other. He also has a reputation from California for putting on an amazing holiday light show. Jim's loves this neighborhood because of the charm, location and people. 

Beatrice Lovett


Alex Gorinsky 

​Membership Chair

Neighborhood Block Captains

Patsy Brown

 James Coy

Deborah Crudup

Rachel Dancer-Harris

Keith Flanagan

Raquel Fuentes

Dorothy Gooden

Mary Harrison

Carol Jackson

Juliet Nations

Jacqulyn Peel

Judy Pollock

Tim Reed

Marzell Washington

Cynthia White

Oscar Faye Williams


Social Committee Chair

Tom Forsyth


More to come.

Ann recently moved into the neighborhood in 2019 and she joined the board within weeks of moving into the area. Her passion for OPENA is that  we have as good a support group as possible for everyone in the neighborhood; we have great leadership and she wants to contribute to that. Her new neighbors have been friendly and welcoming and she loves being surrounded by lovely parks.

More to come.

Tom has lived in the neighborhood since Labor Day 2002 with his partner Glen. He began working on the OPEN board in early 2018. He has a deep passion for engaging the neighborhood residents and helping to improve and enhance the quality of life for our neighborhood. Tom loves this area for the charm and character of the mid-century homes, the mature trees and rolling hills. He enjoys walking through Kiest Park and anywhere on the streets of our neighborhood.

Oak Park Estates Neighborhood Association (OPENA)

Mary has lived in the neighborhood for 33 years. She has been a working member of the OPENA board for 2 years. She has a passion for neighbors knowing neighbors and working together for the betterment of the community. She loves this area because it is friendly, beautiful, and has easy and convenient access to freeways.

Judy Pollock

Code Awareness Chair & Grants/Resources Chair