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​​​​Oak Park Estates Neighborhood Association (OPENA) ​

ELIGIBILITY FOR MEMBERSHIP: Any current resident of, or owner of property or a business in a neighborhood of Oak Cliff and who has an interest in advancing the quality of life in the Oak Park Estates (including all additions or revisions) and Druid Hills Neighborhoods is eligible for membership in the Association upon completion of an Application for Membership form. Upon full payment of the annual dues, a member becomes entitled to Association Voting Rights.

Oak Park Estates boundaries include all areas of the original Oak Park Estates and all additions to Oak Park Estates:

  • Section bounded by Kiest Blvd to north, W. Pentagon Pkwy to south, Navajo Drive to east and Rugged Drive to west. This is considered the original section of Oak Park Estates on north side of the neighborhood.

  • Section bounded by Five Mile Pkwy to north, Whitedove Drive to the south, Lost Creek Drive to east and Rugged to the west. This is the southeast part of Oak Park Estates.

  • Section bounded by Ebbtide Drive (addresses 1806 to 2101) to north, Whitedove Drive to the south, Rugged Drive to east and Ovid Drive (addresses 3607 to 3829) to west. This is the southwest section of the neighborhood that is adjacent to Druid Hills and that was the last to be developed.

​Druid Hills boundaries are generally Five Mile Parkway to the North, Hampton Rd. to the West, Vatican on the South and Ovid on the East (but not including Ovid).

HONORARY MEMBERSHIP: Any person may acquire Honorary Membership in the Association, by a majority vote of the Membership at a regularly scheduled meeting. Honorary Membership entitles the person to receive notices about association events and free participation in neighborhood events for one year from the date of membership. Honorary Membership does not, however, include voting rights.  All new residents of either Oak Park Estates or Druid Hills will be entitled to one Honorary Membership for their first year of residency.

ANNUAL DUES: The amount required for annual dues shall be twenty-five dollars ($25) per resident or $50 for a business membership each year, and fifteen dollars ($15) per person each year for those persons over the age of sixty (60), unless changed by a majority vote of the members in attendance at a regular meeting of the full membership. Full payment of the annual dues will entitle the Resident or Property or Business Owner to full member privileges until the end of the subsequent calendar year. The membership year shall be from January 1 to December 31. Renewal of dues can be paid at any time. A person becomes a voting member when annual dues are paid.

VOTING RIGHTS: Full payment of the annual dues entitles a person who has paid the dues to one vote per household in all Association elections. The resident can appoint a member of his/her household to vote as a proxy in any election. Association members eligible to vote in Association elections will hereafter be referred to as VOTING MEMBERS.

TERMINATION AND/OR RESIGNATION OF MEMBERSHIP: A member may be removed by a majority vote of the Voting Membership, when the Association officers present cause. Any member may resign by filing a written resignation with the Secretary of the Association.

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