November 2019 Yard of the Month Winner - Michael Smith  - Vatican

While winter is settling in and much of the lush gardens are fading from the cold, it was hard to miss the beauty that was part of Michael Smith's yard all year. He has a talent for layering color and texture, grass that is super healthy and a lovely aesthetic for the entire corner lot.

Congratulations Michael Smith, winner Yard of the Month November 2019

September 2019 Yard of the Month Winner - Jim Hauck - Tralridge Drive
Time to think about your October Yard of the Month nominations! See the guidelines to the left and the nomination form below.

The Yard-Of-The-Month (YOM) program has been established to recognize the efforts of residents within the neighborhood whether they are homeowners or tenants, who demonstrate a clear and consistent desire to maintain or improve their respective properties above normal expectations. The Beautification Committee wants to give you the recognition you deserve for creating a beautiful, well kept yard. This is a great way to improve the value of your home and make your neighborhood a better place to live. 


25TH day of month – all entries must be submitted via website form( or email sent to any OPENA officer to be considered for that month’s “Yard of the Month”. Anything received after the 25th, will be considered for the following month’s “Yard of the Month”.

  • Yard of the Month awards will be awarded each month. 
  • Yards must be within Oak Park Estates and Druid Hills neighborhood boundaries 
  • Potential YOM winners are judged solely on the total exterior appearance of their property and front yard as viewed from the street.
  • No property may win yard of the month more than twice in a calendar year(Jan – Dec). The special holiday award is exempt from this rule.
  • Judging factors include the overall appearance, tidiness and neatness of the front of the property as evidenced by:
    •  Pruned, trimmed and shaped foliage 
    • Be willing to have photos of yourself and yard taken and published 
    • Well manicured yard, beautification, originality and creativity 
    • Lawns, borders and flower beds edged and defined 
    • It’s the most visually appealing in the area
  • Winners will receive:
    • A specially designed sign placed in their front yard until the announcement of the next month’s winner.

​​​​Oak Park Estates Neighborhood Association (OPENA) ​

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Ready to Nominate?

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Provide the Name of the owner of the yard your nominating (if you know the person)
  2. Provide the address of the yard nominated (must be in Druid Hills or Oak Park Estates)
  3. Provide some information about why that yard should be the winner that month.
  4. Click on the Submit Nomination Button below no later than the 25th of the month for consideration.